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Soccer spirits, stuck on loading

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  • Soccer spirits, stuck on loading

    so I downloaded the game and opened it and then it asked me if I wanted to install the 400mb or whatever so I clicked yes. Right after 9/23, instead of moving to 10, it goes to reading info... and never continues. i've tried clearing caches and reinstalling but it doesn't work.

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    Hello Yuuto2002, please note we have a Bugs section of the forums. I have moved your topic there.

    Regarding your loading, have you tried to download the content on another internet connection? Please let me know if you're still running into issues. Thank you.


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      I'm also having the exact same issue

      I'm stuck on loading infinitely

      A clubmate of mine is also having the same issue

      and I asked on reddit , and 4 other people from reddit have the infinite load problem also

      It is possible it is some sort of regional access problem

      I'm located in Central Europe

      It is not a device problem, I tried on 2 different devices, it is not a wifi/network problem, sicne I tried from 2 different networks

      I got stuck before the selena screen, I got stuck on the reading info let me go forward after a couple restarts, and now I'm stuck on the login screen

      Also I downloaded the update yesterday and had no problem till this morning, so it is not that the patch was badly downloaded either

      EDIT: I got in after a good couple of tries restarting ss like 20 times, I'm finally in
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