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    Hello there, Soccer Spirit’s player! DivineStorm is currently recruiting.

    We are a level 140 global server club with the following facilities upgraded:
    • Lv. 6 Meeting Room: Check-in reward 50,000 gold
    • Lv. 6 Dining Room: Check-in reward 100 ST
    • Lv. 6 Practice Field: Increase 10 basic stats to all players
    • Lv. 6 Shop: Increase match gold by 30%
    • Lv. 5 Player Lodging: Increase match experience by 24%

    DivineStorm offers help with PvP and PvE advice such as team help, builds, and player aces on request.

    We are semi-competitive in club matches and the limit for setting up a stadium is 23k TA.

    The club uses discord to maintain a better communication between players. Its main language is English, but we have members from different parts of the world. Here we talk about Soccer Spirits, other games, anime/manga, rl stuff, etc.

    We understand that real life is important, if you are going to be away for a period of time, please notify the leader or vices. Otherwise, inactive members for 7 days will be removed for space.

    • Be active in game to help with club missions and, club matches (either by setting up a stadium or supporting).
    • Have a pvp team of 23k TA minimum. If not, be prepared to support when needed.
    • Join our discord.

    If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please contact me or any of the vices by PM (discord, reddit, com2us forum) or by replying to this thread.

    Leader: yamiPolar
    • Discord: Hales#5321
    • Reddit: u/PerfectClash
    Vice: Neonflux
    • Discord: Neonflux#2898
    • Reddit: u/NeonfluxX
    Vice: Ysina
    • Discord: ProNextDoor#0020
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