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Club Cross(十) Recruitment Thread

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  • Club Cross(十) Recruitment Thread

    Hello one and all! Club 十 is currently looking for new members to assist in CVC matches and allow us to make that push into the top 3!
    As of right now, 十 is Lvl 140 with all our facilities maxed out, with the exception of Player Lodging which is Lvl 5.

    What can 十 offer you?
    • A private Discord where you can chat with other club members about all topics, be it SS related or not.
    • variety of aces on offer for a number of uses, ranging from aces to help with CoT to farming.
    • Our members have experience with a variety of teams, so many can give you tips on how to improve.

    Requirements to join 十
    • Be active in CVC matches (preference being attack, but defense and support is welcome)
    • Be active in Discord – We do our planning here, so being contactable through Discord is a must
    • Have a team with an LLL Rank (TA >24000) – This, however, can be negotiable depending on your team To apply, feel free to PM me either on Reddit or on Discord under @Joey-Joeson#3037 or @Congeenial#1002 with your IGN, level, your favourite character in SS and why they are your favourite. I will also welcome any enquiries you may have as well. I know it is long, but I appreciate your time reading this!

    The requirements to join are all flexible, except for being active in Discord. While we don't expect activity everyday, we do expect communication if we ping you for anything regarding club matches.