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  • Game is unstable

    As the title of the thread states, the SS client has been crashing at arbitrary times. This is not related to the crashes due to Ali's active, since I neither have him or have found many Ali users.

    I have heard of other people also having random crashes after the major update, so I don't think it's a me only issue. However, further affirmation from others who have also experienced the issue is appreciated.

    Nickname: xAcEx94
    Server: Global
    Device: Android version 5.1

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    Hello, this is really difficult to investigate due to lack of information, as a variety of causes can lead to instability. We need to first determine if it is on the user side, or the game's side. I suggest submitting a ticket to customer support as they'll be able to pull up specific details and look into the matter more (even if you get a generic response back).

    Please tell others to do the same as well.


    Thank you.