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Odin's 'Contagious Rage' Bug

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  • Odin's 'Contagious Rage' Bug

    Hello everyone!

    I've been using Odin ever since her match came out not too long ago and the first thing I noticed was a little bug with her 2nd passive 'Contagious Rage': Increases the effect of debuff type passive skills that the enemies currently in the assigned position receive by 15%.

    I've tested this passive with every debuff I could test it on, except for a few units/EEs and I found out that the passive doesn't work with 2 debuffs in the game.
    In this case it's about Duran and Alkyde.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see I have a midline with Duran and Alkyde.
    Duran has two debuffs: 'Forbidden Area II'(Decreases the critical damage of the enemies within the position by 30%) and 'Unethical Being'(Decreases the attack power by 20% and penetration by 25% of the enemies within the position.).
    Alkyde has one debuff: 'Prisoner of Joy'(Decreases the reflex by 35% and attack power by 40% of the enemies within the position.).

    It seems Unethical Being is getting boosted by Contagious Wrath, but Forbidden Area II doesn't get boosted.
    And Prisoner of Joy doesn't get boosted as well.
    This is considered a bug, but I can't really find a reason why it doesn't work.

    The passive Contagious Wrath seems to be working with other debuffs, like stacking debuffs (Alice), global debuffs (Alice), and in-line debuffs (Alice)

    If BB could take a look into all debuffing passives and if they work with Odin or not, thank you!

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    Thank you for your hard work ! Nyan will pass your report the devs so that they can look into this issue.


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      Thanks for the report~