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  • Condition loss

    I have the same 5 players that get a decrease in condition after every game simulated. I can even give them 2 drinks before and they are in the red after.

    Does anyone know how to stop this after every game?

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    Condition drinks are only good for one game. And who has good or bad condition is random. Sometimes it's for one day. Sometimes it's for several days. It's just part of the game.


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      It’s the same 5 players every game. Is there a way to break this?


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        No. Players' status reset each day, so you just have wait until they change back to normal condition. Those same five players will have bad condition until the next day no matter how many games you play. Tomorrow, they might all be better, but they also might still all be bad (or one or two might be better while the rest are bad - or whatever). Like I said, it's a completely random part of the game. You just have to wait it out.