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  • Nerf Alert from Recent Update

    OMG did they just nerf the live players, big time.
    My Level 18 Gold Yelich (44 HRS, .329 Avg) went from 93 OVR to 87 OVR, Thats a 73 in silver. No way even if injured should Yelich be a 73 in Silver.
    Same thing with lvl 1 Gold Mike Trout (45 HRs, .331 Avg) is at 75 OVR at level one. Thats a 71 OVR in Silver.
    Lvl 1 Silver Anthony Rendon (34 HRs, .325 avg) is a 76 OVR.

    All three should be somewhere along the lines of my gold Lvl 12 Bregman (39 HRs, .293 avg) who is at 91 OVR. Which is an 82 in silver.

    All four, injured or not are MVP level players and should be graded as such at the higher OVRs for the grade. But those three are seriously nerfed when considering their numbers.

    Not good. Guys running a baseball game should know the sport better.

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    I got a live trout the day they introduced it. It originally had 100 base power. Now its a 77. He has been ridiculously dropped every update meanwhile he is top 5 in HR, but Nelson Cruz has a higher base POW than Trout. SMH.


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      I was wondering why my league line up average dropped after the update and top it off, lost my 2027 league season after over a month of playing... sucks that we're grinding everyday and every night and it all comes down for us to get screwed over.
      Made a report on my situation and no response yet.


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        My Yordan Alvarez, Rookie of the year candidate, drop from a 71 ovr to 61. WTF?!


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          Well my 2019 Bregman, Yelich and Trout have been increased back to higher OVRs.