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  • training from ranked shop

    Is there a strategy or smart way to go about purchasing your training from ranked shop.
    My batter and pitcher muscle training as lvl 3 everything else is 2. Is it smarter to concentrate on certain training amd worry about the rest later or is it smarter to lvl them all up equally

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    I chose to get the cheaper first to get higher up faster. Others do pitching first for one reason or another and others batting first for another reason. Most seem to do them evenly in the end. I did it differently towards the end and decided things like base stealing didnt effect as many players and let it fall behind.


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      Is there a bonus for training to 80? I dont see a need to train base stealing unless there is a total bonus.


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        Oh you notice a difference.

        I am a 106.2oa without gears. I take on guys at 108oa and only 74 training and win commonly. Training means a lot.