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  • Preferred Player Pack

    Anyone bought the preferred Player Pack? Would you share your results? Looks like it would be a good opportunity to to get an all star or signature card. Almost too good to be true. Thanks!

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    YES its a SCAM DONT DO IT! Thats the last time I ever buy into one of this companies scam. I purchased the Ichiro pack and out of what like 9 chances only 2 of those werent signature or prime and I got one...NOT EVEN A GOLD....SILVER WTF.....huge HUGE HUGE waste of money $29 for a silver plain Ichiro! OMG STAY AWAY EVERYONE, I dont care who the player is....CHNCES are TERRIBLE


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      Damn. A $30 silver card. OUCH!!!!!! Com2Us should be ashamed, but they don’t care. They got your $30.


      • mtnskiier
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        Thanks for the input. They made it seem too good to be true and it was.

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      You shouldn't expect anything more from this scumbag company. Just waiting for another decent baseball app and I'm out of here