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  • Ace killer

    Can someone tell me when ace killer kicks in?

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    When you face an ace. Kershaw, Scherzer, etc


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      Ace Killer and Giant Killer activation appeared to be very random and so far a failed new Gold Skill. Can Admin provide more detail on how Ace Killer activated? Is it based on the elite name, or real life team's Ace? Is it based on base stats? is it based on buffed stats? what does it base on? and what does it do when it is activated? I already wasted two months (since 2018 release) on these skills and disappointments.


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        Yes, we need a actual report on Ace Killer, Giant Killer, are they just worthless skills, so should we just skill change them? There new skills without much data.

        Anyone with info "Sumirei", or anyone? Ace killer appears so random, and giant killer to, very unpredictable.


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          Here's an example of ace killer kicking in vs a non ace pitcher. so it must be based on the stats somehow.


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            I see Giant Killer randomly and Ace Killer too, but how does it become activated, I wonder?

            And while were on the subject, Kill Shot is another mystery, wonder if these are just for manual play and not for rank play. Pitchers take forever to skill up so would a bummer to skill up Giant Killer/Kill Shot and it is a B- or C+ skill,

            Hopefully someone has more info.


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              They sound to unreliable to me to keep these skills at least on a pitcher. I do appreciate the reply though from Com2.

              From Com2 regarding the skills below: They got the batter pitcher mixed up but you will get the just of it.

              Dear All Star,

              Thank you for contacting Com2uS Global Support.

              We understand that you had some questions about the new skills that were added to the game.

              We apologize for any confusion.

              Ace Killer is a skill for pitchers where they receive bonuses when facing strong batters.

              Giant Killer is a skill for batters where they receive bonuses when facing strong pitchers.

              *Unfortunately we cannot provide the exact stat bonuses for each situation when facing off against those strong batters/pitchers as it can vary.

              If you have any other questions, please contact us again.

              Thank you,

              Global Support Team
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                Ah, thanks for sharing MLBs response, as crappy as that response is.
                Halo1671 Kill shot should always activate with 2 strikes. How effective it is... i have no clue. But i assume it is good, like Untouchable. (Untouchable is great btw). I just dont like that it only kicks in with 2 strikes. Should be a silver skill, not gold imo.

                Dont get me started on laser beam. How is that a gold skill????


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                  Ha ha I know about laser beam I have it on a player that i should skill change eventually,

                  Kill shot is a mystery in rank sim play? i have not had to good results so far, i have boss & kill shot on a hamels 103 ovr and he does not do to well, he just got all his skills maxed last week, and so far not to good in rank.


                  • Silverhammers1
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                    Halo1671 yeah it's hard to tell unless you got LB to 6 then started working on Kill Shot to 6, and see if it made any difference. I'm not a fan of Kill shot, but i guess it's ok as a 3rd skill. Also, prob only good on strike out pitchers, and not pitchers that put a lot of balls in play, thus rarely getting to 2 strikes.

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                  Finally some real questions need answers... Hopefully we can get some real positive feed backs instead of some vague answers.


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                    I believe ace killer kicks in when batting vs a pitcher with an overall either 95 or 100. Same goes for giant killer, batter is either 95 or 100 overall. Not 100% on the number but it's in that range.


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                      As I understand it, AK kicks in when the batters hitting stat total after skills (CON/POW/EYE/SPD) is less than the total of the pitcher's pitching stats after skills (LOC/VEL/FB/BRK).

                      The reverse is true for GK.


                      • Silverhammers1
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                        OK we can keep an eye out and see if this is true. Although i'd hope not, because then it means it's pretty useless on elite cards with high stats. The description doesn't say anything about the other card having to be "stronger" for the skill to kick in. Of course, MLB keeps these things super vague dammit.