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Did they just nerf player combos? Please respond........

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  • Did they just nerf player combos? Please respond........

    So I logged in to the game on 04/11/18 and was greeted by another dreaded update (in my opinion in almost every update they make it harder in some way to build a good team without paying cash). I had been saving up player packs for about the last month or 2 and wanted to cash in. I didn't get anything useful out of the numerous premium packs i had, the 2 ultimate, 1 gold, 1 all star and 1 team select i started combining. I combined 3 gold and 2 silver (a very used combo due to its usually very good results)......i got 1 silver card from it (this happened 2 times with the same combo). I'm pretty sure up to now that is not even a possible outcome of that combination. I continued to combine players.....on 2 occasion i combined 3 silver cards and received a bronze in return. I have never in 2 years of playing this game ever had the combo system give you a card a grade less than 3 equal graded cards......for example when combining 3 silver I have never gotten less than a silver in return. Please let me know if you are seeing the same thing - a nerfed combo system. If it the game makers really did this I will be done with this game.....enough is enough already......

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    I too have received a card of lesser value than those I combined but it was a 3 card combo. I am thinking if you combine less than five cards for a normal combo, i.e., do not use stars for the combo, then anything is possible. No guarantee you will receive equal or higher value cards.


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      Not true, unless they just changed it. There is a youtube video explaining the combo system......just search mlb 9innings all about player combos, you will see what I am talking about. The data he collected has held true for me (and i combo quite a bit) until the last patch that i mentioned. Not to mention getting a silver cards from a 3 gold 2 silver combo.......never never before 2 days ago.....not even possible.....feel free to correct me if i am wrong here everyone......I was hoping it was some fluke, a unintended error in the patch.....but like everything they do I believe it is intentional and is here to stay. If I am right the value of auction players just doubled (at my opinion)......