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    I just wanted to write this to whomever made the game and helped keep up with it all year between all of the live player updates and error corrections and someone actually responded to my one and only message I sent. This is my first year playing the game and I absolutely will be back next season (but I know that I won't be able to put it down in the off-season lol) but if I do make any recommendations it's to please keep up on it a little bit at least not nearly as much as u did during the regular season but I know that I am not alone in the amount of us that will continue to play and spend money during the he off-season as well. Thank you truly a professionally run game

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    You haven't seen much about flaws it has have you?

    Great game and fun. But for as much as they want to charge for any upgrades it is grossly overpriced. GROSSLY.