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    Why not let us play in real time versus other teams? You could make a new game mode similar to ranked where people compete for end of the week rewards, but there would be a matching making process whenever you wanted to play it. So if I wanted to play this new game mode, the game would match me up with someone who is also looking for a game. This would add more of a skill factor to the game. Is there a reason the game can’t run this, or has this idea just not been thought of? I personally would love to play head to head against someone, and I think this would help to hook in new players into the game. It would be nice if an admin could respond to this.

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    Been over a week and no admin response? I personally get bored with always playing against the AI,and com2us has other games that they have made with live competition. Add this feature in MLB 9 innings 2019! It will make the community happy because the game will be more fun, and it will make Com2us be happy because more people will be playing their game, therefore more purchases.