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  • Exchanging game items

    I have a bunch of skill change tickets and level reset tickets that I never use. They just sit there in my inventory.
    There should be a way to exchange them or sale them.

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    Skill change tickets are extremely valuable to get better skills on diamond players, so unless you have an all diamond team with good skills I would hang on to those. But I agree, we should be able at least sell our useless items. We can release players for a bit of extra cash, why not items? Com2us seems opposed to any trading though, as they would lose money that way. They are also concerned people could abuse those systems with alt accounts.


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      I agree, would be nice to exchange unwanted or unused items in stlcards said, those skill change items are really useful, took me a while to figure that out.. Or even if we could donate to our club members that would work for me as well.. It would be nice if we could put our own diamond or gold players up for auction in order to get coins or stars