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Actually care about your product.

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  • Actually care about your product.

    It's sad as f*ck that I have more posts in this, the official forum, for the game than any admin. I don't work for the game, the same game that charges $100 for an upgrade that we could buy an entire new baseball game for on a platform.

    show some pride in your product and actually respond to the people who ask for help instead of letting someone like me guess answer or criticize and answer. This game is quickly asking for no one to play. Customer support is non-existant aside from cross user help.

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    Odds of a response as opposed to delete?


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      Com2us care.....yeah right there to busy sucking each other off to give a damn about their customers.i would switch back to mlb perfect inning and leave mlb 9 innings for good but even that game has gone to hell


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        Hello Wreckage, and USuck,

        I can understand your frustration. Our forums have been sort of a ghost town. I apologize that they have, and want to thank Wreckage for taking the time to respond to players when they've needed help or had questions.

        Evident by my username, I'm Sumirei, and I'm new to the MLB Team. I understand you can feel like you're not being heard, especially when there is not a presence of someone who works on the game. I hope to change that moving forward.

        While I can't promise to be able to make all the changes suggested by players (after all, I'm simply someone who is here to get involved with the community) I can listen to your feedback and make sure your voices get heard by those who can make changes.

        I'm looking forward to hearing you guys out, and interacting with you on the forums. I look forward to taking this step in the right direction.

        See ya guys around! <3