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  • A list of suggestions

    Just a running list of things I've noticed while playing the game.

    1. Skills swapping. The ability to swap the skills of 2 cards of the same grade. It's such a waste to get a poor player with great skills, just to be used as combo fodder.

    2. Stop forcing users to pick a relief pitcher when pinch hitter for the current pitcher. It's annoying in sim play because the AI will likes putting a different pitcher in and waste the guy I picked. It's annoying in manual because situations can change while batting - like if scoring runs so that it's no longer a save situation. If you picked your closer after selecting a pinch hitter, you are then forced to use him or burn him the following inning even though you'd be free to pick another pitcher and still have the closer available under the rules of baseball.

    3. Non-DH rosters should also be 25 man.

    4. Player index. I'd love to be able to look up players to see their ratings across different years.

    5. A little more runner control. Being able to advance a single runner and not others before he reaches the base would be helpful. On a related note, runners sliding consistently at the same time would be an improvement. I see too often where a runner only slides when a throw is coming to that base and the sliding animation starts late and makes him reach the base later than he should if he had started his slide normally.

    6. A little more info in combo. After putting in enough cards to start a combo, it should show what grades are possible in the combo. For example, if I put in 5 normals, it should show up somewhere before i hit the button "Result: Normal-Bronze." It'd be especially helpful when mixing grades just to have a little more info beforehand so I would have a chance to tweak which ones to use.

    7. On passed balls/wild pitches, it should still be credited as a stolen base if I started the runner prior to the pitch.

    8. More normal actions should earn points and gift box progress in games. Singles, Sac flies, RBIs, multiple RBI with a hit, strikeouts not of the 3 pitch or full count varieties, pinch hit walk (very weird that a pinch hit single earns points but not a pinch hit walk), quality start, giving up 4 runs or less in a game, scoring more than 5 runs then 10 runs a game, taking the lead in the 7th or later, and saves are all things that should earn points, to name a few. I'm not saying all of these should net big points or big movement on the progress bar, but points should reward positive plays of more varieties. It just seems silly to me that a bases empty double is worth more points and progress than a 2 run single.

    9. Sending and receiving friend points should reset at the same time as a new server day. That way people still can only send and receive once every day but they get some flexibility as to when in the day they do it instead of having to wait exactly 24 hours.

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    Adding to the list ;
    10. Be able to "View Details" and "Compare" while still in the Combine screen instead of having to go to the Lineup screen for the info on a new player.

    11. Be able to see the opponent's lineup in game. If I'm figuring out what Reliever to put in. I'd like to see who's coming up in the order.

    12. Be able to see an opposing battery's skills anytime in the At bat. Last year if we went into the Relief pitcher window and came back out it would re-show the info.


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      Additional thoughts:
      How about a contest to get our picture in the game as a fan in the stands?


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        Bring back the Home Run Derby... PLEASE.


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          As an old time Orioles fan, how about every once in a while having a manager argue a called 3rd strike or a ball four (à la Earl Weaver) or maybe a player.


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            With so many realistic mannerisms and movements by the players now, how about adding a full extension, diving catch in the outfield or a leaping home run stealing catch at the wall? And a quick zoom in similar to when an infielder makes a leaping catch.


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              I really like the announcer this year. Sure he's off on a couple things here and there, but he's pretty darn accurate for the most part. I'm sure there's licensing rules to work out, but how awesome would it be to have Harry Caray, Vin Scully or Mel Allen call games. Or even maybe Harry Doyle!!