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  • Frozen!

    My league mode is frozen but everything else works. What's up with that?

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    Hello FarmerTed,

    We wanted to follow up with you with a couple of questions:

    Is it possible that you might have lost internet connection while you were in League Mode?
    When you mentioned that everything else works, are you still able leave the frozen League Mode and play in other modes?
    If you are able to play other modes, is League Mode still frozen when you try to enter or after you entered?
    Have you tried restarting the game?

    Any additional information would be greatly appreciated!


    • FarmerTed
      FarmerTed commented
      Editing a comment
      I was in the middle of a game when I lost power to my phone. I can get back to the league mode and see the game is still 'active' in the 7th inning but when I try to re-enter, the screen goes half black and half outfield. I can't back-out of this or do anything. I finally just re-set the season after 48 games in.