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Lag after 2/4/18 update

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  • Lag after 2/4/18 update

    After the recent update, my game is lagging really bad. Anyone else having this issue? Its made the game unplayable.

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    My game lags on the menu screens and takes a LONG time to load. Using a Samsung galaxy s7e if that helps for you to relay info suri .


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      I use a Galaxy Note 8, and do get lag in the game at times. As it turns out, it's not just MLB 9 Innings that lags, but also everything else. Samsung sends out push notifications to restart your phone at least every week, and that seems to clear up the issue with me.

      Are you still getting lag after restarting your phone? Please let me know!


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        i have an iphone

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      Why can't I acces the Golden Baseball event or any news, notices or playbook since last update. My phone isn't full and I've tried restarting my phone so please don't tell me any of these stupid little tricks cuz they don't work. Got screwed out of last 4 or 5 daus of Hat Shuffle event also so what are you gonna do to make this right ?


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        I'm also running into a lag issue after the update and it's making the game unplayable and unenjoyable honestly