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What to put on ancient tree

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  • What to put on ancient tree

    so i just got my ancient tree to lvl 6 and have been making a few skill books and i need some help deciding what to replace... hes the core of my deck and usually every offensive move i make hes leading the charge. So what do you think i should put on him? I want to replace honorable sacrafice because 9/10 of the time the other cant even kill it, and when i got him to 6 it gave him immobilizing aura which actually works quite well. I was thinking about giving him protective aura to boost his defence even more and obviously the heros around him, or i could even give him a little more damage output with leadoff counterattack and/or train spearmanship? Or something else like reveal tactic. What do yall think?
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    I've grown to hate Deception when used against me cause it can be very frustrating, God's Shield, or I've been a big fan of threatening aura


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      They all sound pretty good to me. Defense Aura will add 1 to his cost so keep that in mind. I have used tree a lot too. Mine ended up with leadoff counterattack at g5. I was using tactition in my deck at the time and mixed with tree and leadoff he became somewhat op unless he was confused. Anyone that moved close or he moved to had little choice but to eat his trunk lol. He became the immediate threat and was difficult to kill. There's the return tactic now to counter tactition among other things. But Immobilizing Aura would do almost as well and return with him. Train spear works pretty good to add some offense to a spear and also works on counter attacks. I tried it on others that were given it at g5. Reveal Tactic is necessary to have on the team also. So depends on who else you are using too. These decisions are hard enough to decide for my own heroes so I can't say what is best for you but I figured I'd share my thoughts
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