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what problem ? Who is Hong

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  • what problem ? Who is Hong

    today i saw in battle recorder, hong and RagnaLoki. I beliver, hong's card is my card. i find his name in Rank but no see, so i think he is IA copy from me. And why battle with AI can in Battle Recorder ??????? and this battle have point ?

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    It's a bot made by the game to keep you from having to wait too long for a match. I have noticed that sometimes it is a copy of your deck. Kinda sad that this game seems to be dying, it is such a great and unique game. I feel like Com2us has treated it like a stepchild and choked out it's possibilities. Also the devs have not done much to improve the gameplay other than add more aggravating ways to win haha. The arena still sucks and is nothing but a gimped version of a regular match (also annoying). And they have not added any clan vs clan or any other modes of play to add any variety. Most of the clans I see still have inactive leaders, another limitation of the game. I don't see as any of our suggestions have been heard. On the bright side the bots are easy to beat.
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