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Incomplete or bad soul item descriptions

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  • Incomplete or bad soul item descriptions

    What is going on with these soul items that activate when a beneficial effect is granted on the hero? Apparently it means when a beneficial "tactic" is used on the hero because that's the only time it activates. I am very frustrated with the lack of info I can find on this game. Our clan has had to figure out most of these things ourselves at the cost of our own time and resources. It seems like there could be another translator after the Korean one and a proofreader that understands the game. The last patch notes said that Honorable Recovery was changed to 1 cost which was just dumb. In actuality it was Honorable Retreat that had it's cost reduced to 1 which I was huge! There was patch notes in the he event page this time that were better than usual but apparently they are still too vague to explain how everything works. And there are no patch notes here to comment on at all. C'mon guys help us out here. This should be a place where English players can come for information and discussion.
    I am assuming that this is a bug since the soul item effects do not activate when a beneficial effect is activated on the hero. I would like confirmation on this ASAP. So I can decide whether or not to invest any resources on upgrading these heroes. These soul items are really bad in comparison to others if this is how they are meant to work.
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