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[Patch Note] September Update (9/27)

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  • [Patch Note] September Update (9/27)

    Patch Note.png

    1. Union Guardian and Union Effect Added

    - Guardians that symbolize each union will appear

    - Union effect activation conditions are as follows:
    1) Reach Soul Level 5.
    2) It can be activated when the sum of the Heroes' grades of a union is 10 or above.
    3) You can choose a union effect by purchasing Lv. 1+ buff.

    - Union effects will be applied as beneficial effects when you summon the Heroes.

    - You can remove the union effects by using the ability of removing beneficial effects.

    - The union effect can be upgraded with the sum of your level and the union Heroes' grades.

    2. 3 New Heroes

    1) Isabella

    2) Heracles
    3) Lycaon
    3. Bonus Soul Gold for Defeating Opponents in the Rank Battle and Arena

    - You'll get bonus Soul Gold according to the Hero's grade when the opponent Hero is defeated.

    - The box previously appeared when you defeat the opponent Heroes will no longer be available after the update.

    4. 3 New Skills

    - New skills, "Damnation", "Endurance Aura" and "Awaken", will be added.
    1) Damnation(Defense): Attacks with a critical hit with a fixed chance when counterattacking
    2) Endurance Aura(Special): Removes harmful effects of nearby allies when the turn starts
    3) Awaken(Special): Recovers from the Confusion when attacked

    5. Attack/Agility Skill Balancing Modification
    -Strong Attack: Inflicts 20-35% bonus damage if the unit has a different attribute when attacking

    -Sharp Roar: Inflicts 1,200-2,200 damage on the enemy with the lowest military power when summoned

    -Death Scrimmage: Inflicts 1,500-2,750 damage on nearby enemies when defeated

    -Deadly Seal: Seals the enemy target for 5-8 turns when defeated

    -Honorable Recovery: Requires 1 resource

    -Spot Weakpoint: Attack Power +20-35% when in warfare with the same type of a branch

    6. "Agile Dagger"/"Avarice Crown"/"Strange Doll" Equipment Property Modification

    - Agile Dagger: Modified to "Penetration %"

    - Avarice Crown: Modified to "Penetration %"

    - Strange Doll: Modified to "Skill Activation Rate Increase"

    7. New Auto Battle Feature

    - You can use the Auto Battle feature by tapping the Button on the left of the screen.

    - You can turn the feature on and off anytime by tapping the Auto Battle Button.

    8. New Camera Screen Feature

    - The angle of the camera can be changed to a point where the battle is being taken place.

    - You can switch back to the default camera settings via the Camera Switch Button on the left of the screen.

    9. New Practice Battle Feature

    - AI Battle in the Modify Deck will be changed to Practice Battle.

    - You'll be matched with other users for Practice Battle.

    - Victory Reward and Hero Elimination Reward won't be available in Practice Battle.

    10. Other Modifications and Bug Fixes

    - You can check any user's info by tapping the user's nickname on the chat.

    - Upgraded graphics of Hero characters, soldiers and battlefield backgrounds.

    - The Friend Invite Event has ended.

    - Other bugs fixed.