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  • Quality of life and profit suggestions

    First of all, I like to thank dev for last updates including accessory. It has revived the farming and fun. In fact i purchased few more packs to support this game.

    I have asked my peers and guildies for most wanted changes/ rebalance and here are the list:

    1. Please implement storage like summoners war
    300 max hero slot is not nearly enough and 50% of game play is spent freeing up the slots.

    I have all nat5 and nat4 monsters fully awakened but do not use them all. This takes up 100 slots. On top of it i have saved up close to 60 awaken Incarns. Also, whenrver i am trying to evolve or level up fodders i have to scrolls through pages after pages to select the monster. We can purchase the storage slot increase with gems.

    2. Improve lacking coop mode

    Allow friends to be taken to infinite tower to better at hard levels. Isnt the whole point of game to allow people to play together?
    Have auto batte to have option to automatically select friend in case something fails.
    As other thread suggest increase friendship point rewards on wheel spins

    3. Duplicate nat5 exchange program
    Add way to exchange unwanted nat5 for different nat5 reroll or diffuse into 15stones at cost of gold or gems.
    Many people have 5-10 nat5 wasting room. If we can use it for somethjng more useful that would be great.

    4. Lower key usage for new players

    This kind of mature games are hard to junp into after more than 1 yr. Until lvl 60 is reached have them always use 1/2 keys so they can catch up to be mid lvl players.

    5. Rune stones used for crafting are pretty useless after you reach to point where you can farm raid 8. Please allow them to be also used for smithing

    6. Another new feature lot of people wanted was transmog or costume to change your heroes element.

    7. Endorse youtube channels and players who produce contents

    I was watching why sw was so successful. It is community. I see so many youtubers promoting the game. On light we have couple. May be you can encourage those community participations and free ads. 04haugen and zepheus have great contents on youtube.

    8. Allow 2x auto for arena and exploration.
    Once you get down to last lvl66 blith, zemer, and glen. It takes whole 5min to lose battle to moved onto next one in team arena. Also. One of the reason people dont play arena as much as that it takes too long.

    Thanks bunch dev,
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    100% agree


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      These are all excellent suggestions, fully agree!

      I can add:
      1. Let's do something with raid coins, they accumulate heavily if you farm drake (like, thousands of them). Maye it would be possible to exchange different coins into the other in a 2 for 1 way?
      2. And: Could you put shards the 4stars needed for the new fusion heroes into the "raid"-section of the special shop? That would be awesome.

      3. Lower the point cutoffs for all arenas like you did with team arena. Finishing as nr 16 in world team arena and recieving the silver reward is depressing.


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        One more: Make Hell Tower 45 a bit less impossible to crack.


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          Fix rune power up rate: when it takes over 100x to go from 14 to 15 power it takes forever and gets rather boring!!!