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Need to reduce Arena reward cut off by 100 points

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  • Need to reduce Arena reward cut off by 100 points

    I see many competitive players who make top 100 or even top 30 and only make silver or gold.

    Please reduce the arena cut off similar to what was do e for team arena across the board for all arena.
    This will help new players as well to motivate them to play arena. I hardly see even top players playing arena because they cannot make cut off even after ranking top 30. This has adverse effect this arena points have pyramid effect. If lower ranking players do not farm points then upper ranking players also will have less points to farm.

    People take pride on making higer class of rank ie platimum, and not making it consistently causes them to quit and move onto other games.

    This should be simple change that would greatly increase arena participation.

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    As much as I agree with that suggestion purely for the sake of getting my rewards... I'm afraid the problem goes much deeper than that.

    the arena is really broken right now. Pretty much any team with Zenons I avoid. I have a 62 myself but win/loss is so dependent on transcendence procs now that an unlucky encounter with a 62 Zenon even will pretty much wipe you.

    maybe it's just me... but for me, for a single character to be so OP is just... ridiculous.

    i used to be easy plat2 and plat1 with effort... now I'm smoking at borderline 1600.


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      Balancing is an issue, sure. I am with Skyjaechoi here: Lower cutoffs are needed.


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        But... say they lower it... the problem will still be there, won't it?. Jus that instead of 1700 being unattainable, 1600 becomes unattainable