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  • Concerning all Arena Rankings

    Hi, I noticed on World Team Arena as well as Major and Minor Arena on Global Server, that your descriptions for Platinum and Gold Ranks don't match with the players who are able to get there. Especialy on reset weeks only a handful reach Platium, everone else is below the 1700 points in Major/Minor.
    In World Arena it is even more of a discrepancy. I have the feeling, only a few people really play in World Arena (WA) because of this (I get attacked only a few times a week, even though I am ranking somewhere beetween 30 and 60 most of the time). I myself totally stopped playing WA after 2 weeks, because - why bother? I won't reach the top 2 - 5 who make it above 1500 Points for Gold, even if I could reach the Top 10.

    You kind of fixed this problem for Team Arena on Global Server a while back, by lowering the cutoff point for Platinum from 1700 to 1600.
    Here is a different idea: Kill the cutoffs and just award as you write in the description:
    Champion: Best Player, Platinum 1: Player 2 to 30, Plat 2: 31 to 100 ... and so on.

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    Hello Eowyn, thanks for the suggestion! I will pass it along to the developers.


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