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Transcendance ruined the fun!

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  • Transcendance ruined the fun!

    Please dont take me wrong. I love Light however I like to point out flaw in current transcendance system that ruins fun.

    Let me just say positives of Transcendance:
    1. Give player ability to lvl up and build up meta monster further. Basically gives more stuff to work on
    2. Rng of transcendance passive can be fun
    3. Over power passive make pve content easy, so player feel very powerful after each transcendance
    4. From business aspect, selling stone packs can be profitable

    here are negatives which can reduce fun:
    1. Makes pulling new monster not fun.
    it already takes lof of effort to fully awaken new monster. Now we have to pull 4 of same monster to make new monsyer useful on top of fully awaken and gathering 90 stone which take couple months alone.
    2. Transcended hero vs nontranscended hero is no match
    3. Stone farm rate is too slow
    4. Non meta nat5 dupes are useless. For example, I have 7 nias and even after rebalance she is not worth building. And i get bummed out if i pull her again.

    proposed fix:
    1. Give option for player to exchange nat5 for another random one with gems + gold if max lvled 60.
    2. Created nontranscended arena and pve area, so we can build one copy of nontranscended monster or at least make them useful in meantime.

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    Also, add way to untranscend with gold+gems to get stones refuneded for each transcendance, losing exp. this will allow competative player to undo mistake of buildig non meta monster and grt back in the game. Otherwise they will quit.


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      That's a good suggestion.

      However the biggest threat to the game now is... ... .... no dev is listening on this forum. I've opened a ticket at withhive with no reply. Maybe you should too, maybe more noise will get some attention finally.


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        I like all the suggestions in this thread and would add one:

        Com2Us said, that ultimatley monsters could be trancended to level 70. Don't do this. Just stop. 66 is bad enough. 70 will only make it worse.


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          Thank you for the feedback! I will pass it along to the developers.


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            Please also make transcendance incarnation that you can sell for 50 bucks so we can buy and trans favorite monster without waiting 3 months to pull dupe. One rule is to not make it work for ancient gods. Also, you can give one free for starter goodwill.


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              Whole fun of the game is that we gotta tune out monster and strategy and keep switch to new/old monster to counter etc. right now there are clear meta monsters and if you transcend max to 66 for these meta and maximize accuracy evade; then you win all scenarios. Even forget about elements at this point.

              Let me give example of pre trans age vs post trans:

              1. Glen is released. Top players immediately build glen, buy awakening pack or whatevet and be on top of leaderboard on samw week with glen.

              2. Same with arkhan

              post trans

              1. Thetis released.
              No one uses her in top tier arena not becasue she is bad but because people just have 0 or 1 of her. People are hesistant to transcemd her and just stick with transcending proven meta monster like kaor, lizzy, and zenon
              same for all subsequent monsters

              2. We cannot even pay2win. Lets say that i buy trans pack or buy 30 stones with 9000gems. If i dont have dupe of thetis, i cannot trans her. Then what are the chances of pulling thetis?

              if i buy overpriced sp scroll pack i would have to spend 500 bucks and still no guarantee. Worst part is that trans reset in couple weeks. Also. Thetis may actually not be that good since ill never know until i trans her.

              if i just open prem, then forget it. Rather take chance at vegas


              • Zeta2c
                Zeta2c commented
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                agree with your suggestion.

                And one irrelevant thing, is Thetis any good in arena? I have 4....but I don't even want to build her...I want Glen Oliver Marcus so bad but the game refuse to give me what I want...

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              I think thethis is quite good really, based on her skill sets. Her strength being high on CC and for her armor break to complement physical damage dealers...

              that said, without multiple hit skills she doesn't benefit as much from transcending. So I just pulled a spare of her... but I guess I'll only trans her when I really do have spare stones


              • Zeta2c
                Zeta2c commented
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                I mean, in the current zenon meta, if you can not protect your team or cc/kill enemy zenon before he cast his active, you will probably lose the fight.

                Thetis auto1 targets max HP and nearby, which means only frontlines will be influenced by the stun and armor break. It doesn't help to the fight at all...