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Key cost per battle continues to increase.

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  • Key cost per battle continues to increase.

    Guys, I have noticed a trend that when new content is introduced they key cost is also increased. This has me worried because with the trend of recent updates being focused more on greed rather than quality I can only expect that by this time next year there will be content which requires 120 keys per entry which is just foolish.

    Please consider that the increased difficulty of new content is also part of the cost and players looking to enter this content for the first time will be totally put off because they can't afford to spend keys for trial and error. If you guys run any type of analytics I bet that you'll notice no one is playing the Drake raids and the few who are are most certainly not playing it on hard mode (30 keys) because it is just to bloody costly.

    If you want players to love and enjoy your game you will need to make it so that they can play for longer periods of time without running into a pay wall. As it is now the hard level drake raid allows for players to enter 4 times only before hitting this pay wall and this will not appeal to new or old players. You don't have to give away freebies but the ability to enjoy the in game content is what keeps people coming back.

    Thank you,