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  • Quality of life improvement suggestion

    i would like to suggest 2 changes be looked at to help improve the gameplay of the game.

    1. Remove 10 adventure/scenerio battles from the daily quests and replace them with 10 investigations. My reasoning is that once players get to higher raid levels the scenerio is no longer needed daily.
    2. Create a feature which allowws players to exchange their summoned heros for summoning peices for that same hero. This would help clean up the hero inventory which is becoming difficult to manage. When a player would convert a hero to summonong peices the number of peoces would be enough to resummon that hero again. All runes or awakenings or experience the monster has would be removed and the number of peices given would be equal to the base summoning star level of that hero even if they were previously evolved. This should exclude eggies, evolution heros and awakening heros.

    please share these suggestions woth your development team.

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    I agree with both of these. The 10 scenario runs per day is annoying. I really like the idea of converting heros into pieces for storage.


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      Actually, a simpler fix to that problem (from dev POV) would be increase the storage space to 1000?


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        Adding more space would only add to the problem of having to scroll through the whole inventory. Loading all of those assets to the game also increases system resource usage I beleive. The scrolling theough 200 4 stars is what is getting me the most.