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New raid not worth farming anymore

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  • New raid not worth farming anymore

    hmm it seems the developers dont really want people to farm the new raid. Now that the raid doesn't give back part of the keys u waste trying to farm styx by next year, it isnt even worth spending gems on. Also it seems the awakening drop rate was reduced too... More reasons to stop playing the game or atleast stop spending.

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    I stopped spending well before the new raid and don't regret my decision


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      yeah from a good update to a disappointing update.


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        I wanted to chime in and say that the key nerf ruined the new Ancient God Raids. I spent over 1k gems on key refills for one 2-hour block. My rewards? 4x Styx shards... That's pure insanity. At least with the previous key drops I was only dropping 100-200 gems per 2-hour block. At that point, 4x Styx shards was acceptable. Now though? Absolutely not worth the effort or gems to farm the new raid. I was super stoked about the new raid too... now... I'm struggling to log into the game.


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          I wanted to comment but then realized that I just don't care enough to comment anymore so I wasted your time reading this instead.