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  • Yggdrasil - Divana (Global) - Looking for Members

    Server: Divana (Global)
    Guild Name: Yggdrasil
    Guild Leader: Bigpuff

    we are looking for active members for guild battles to get us over the hump. we regularly get down to missing just 1 or 2 attacks to win consistently. as for guild raid, that is first come first served as 99.99% of the time we complete stage 12.

    if you are in a guild with only a few members or no one else chatting or barely any active members consider coming to help us out. we also have a discord channel for communication. I see lots of guilds with only a few members still trying to do guild battles. if any of you reads this consider bringing the power of your heroes over to join with ours so together we can do more. right now we have 4 open spots but room for 4 to 7 more if we get the members as there is 4 to 7 sporadic members we are dealing with, some of which don't even check-in.

    thanks for taking the time to consider us and reading our recruitment post.