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[Ipso Facto] - (Global3/Zemer) *** Currently recruiting active members.

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  • [Ipso Facto] - (Global3/Zemer) *** Currently recruiting active members.

    • Guild Name: Ipso Facto
    • Server: Zemer (Global3)
    • Requirements: Actively participating in all Guild Battles and Guild Raids (every little bit helps)
    • Contact Info: Use Discord (app or browser) to contact either Omni (Omnipheles#0989) or Snipes (CJae/Snipes#5154) if you have any further inquiries or concerns.
    • Other info: The founding members were part of the #2 guild on the server, however, due to a lack of activity and participation by the majority of our guild, we decided to branch off and start anew.

    Further Details:
    - As we all know the in game chat system isn't the greatest and not everyone enjoys the LINE app. Thus, Discord is used by all members for communication and to chat Heroes/Builds and to get to know each other a bit more as well. Note that Discord can also be run on your desktop, so play while you chat.
    - Elaborating more on the previous guild the founding members were in prior to creating Ipso Facto. More than 75% of our fellow guild members were not actively participating in the Guild Battles or the Guild Raids, which would result in losses and lower clears. Some of us that took the game a bit more seriously and wanted more decided to create a guild where participation and activeness within the guild were a priority. Therefore, if for any reason a Guild Battle is missed or a Raid is looked over, kindly let one of the Senior Officers know. Real life happens and we don't want to prioritize the game over that.
    - Last and secondly not least... Have FUN! It's a game, and we are REALLY active on Discord. So pop right in and get to know us.

    See you all in game and looking forward chatting with you guys!