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Guild: Paragon&Paradox Recruiting

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  • Guild: Paragon&Paradox Recruiting

    Server- Global
    Guilds names- Paragon(GM Itmoves, VGM Centv2) and Paradox (GM Silchas, VGM Jake1601)

    Hello fellow Light players!, Paragon is looking for plat+ players to join our team and our fellow alliance guild Paradox. We have a community based chat group on line
    that's combined with both guilds so we can grow as one big team (You'll have the support of Paragon behind you, our help, tips and wickedness ). Paragon is nearly complete but looking for that extra strength to compete and stay actively high in rankings. With our sister guild Paradox freshly starting last night, I'm focusing on building the guild for the next 3-4 weeks, grabbing the strong players and the ones who are grinding hard away and don't mind sharing some input, maybe show off some screenies of you destroying fellow light members

    We're a friendly community looking for the up most finest to join our team. Line message one of the guild masters above for more information about our progression and what our plans are, you'll find their line information below. We look forward from hearing back from you guys and growing a strong 60 together, Thanks

    Paragon- itmoves
    - Centv2

    Paradox - itmoves
    - Slichas ( 42421919 )

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    My name ign is Valente and I would like to apply for Paradox.

    Not sure what else to say except I'm active and looking to show my strength. I hope I get accepted.


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      Hello Valente , thanks for the application , could you contact me through line for more detail? Thank you !!!


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        Hey Itmoves. Grats for your nice guild, seems to be one of the best, no doubt. I know some of your guys, really badass ^^. Well I'm not here to apply, I'm in a french guild already. I just want to know why your buddy Pureto is farming me today... Am I really the only guy he can beat or what ?? sounds annoying, really. I know I don't have some great mobs, neither runes and awakes. well, it seems he wants to remind me, a lot.


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          Hey buddy It's the beginning of the week so lots of farming is being done by everyone! I'll tell him to stop picking on you though (;


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            Can I join? My ign is Emelyn. I'm pretty active. I sometimes talk on global chat, but not too much.
            I don't really like Line though. Do you guys plan to make like a discord channel or something in the future?


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              Yeah we're base on line, you're welcome to join paranormal, a third guild we are building up.


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                Kinda just looking around for guilds to possibly joining


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                  My guild is gone, Templarios. I need guild for GVG. ID ANKSAMAN. Ty