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Service Termination - It was a fun ride

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  • Service Termination - It was a fun ride

    I love the game and sad to hear its closing but a lot of us saw this coming. I thought this game was fun and felt it offered a lot of things that others didn't and really enjoyed the strategy aspect of the game. If anyone wants to chat and talk about other games they will play, hop on over to discord.

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    I am sad too. I do not understand this. Why terminate a good game?


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      It is a good game but they are a business and want to make as much money as possible. These Gacha games are so common and they will probably just use the freed up resources to work on Skylanders or another similar game. Light has been on maintenance mode for a while and a lot of people saw the writing on the wall. I just wished they would have just combined all the servers into 1 and kept it on maintenance mode. I cant imagine having 1 server would tie them up that much financially.


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        yes, too it is pleasant to me.