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    Hi All,

    I just wanted to start up a friendly topic on how you think heroes should be balanced. This isn't a rant topic, but what I would like it to be is something constructive that could be brought back to developers to help out on better balancing heroes. Format should which heroes you think need rebalancing (buff/nerf), explain why and then give a suggestion on what you would do to rebalance it better.

    So as an example I'll start

    Ereth - Nerf, Stat/skill wise i think he's fine, but I believe his blink making him immune to everything gives him too much of an edge making it very hard to protect your back line. I believe his blink should give him high evasion at best, not complete evade of everything. That way you could target him while his doing skill and actually cancel him.

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    I'll keep the rants out this time I promise

    In in my opinion though, Nia and Sha'rade could use some slight increases to their animation speed. If you look at the photo I posted, check out how big of a buff Velrooks got back then. Out of the 3 heroes, Velrooks is clearly the best and still the most relevant. The devs also boosted his active animation speed, so why not for Nia and Sha'rade?

    Also for Sha'rade, his first passive description states he breaks apart his body to avoid attacks, but it seems like Ereth is the one doing this. Maybe consider giving Sha'rade this blink ability as well since he's supposed to be an evasion master? That title is currently Ereth's.

    I just feel Nia and Sha'rade deserve some love because they were the original nat5s and their titles say they are gods! But their performance says otherwise :-/


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      I will start with my opinions and ideas on the first 4 Gods since their titles are Gods, and they are the earliest Nat 5 introduced =)

      Goddess of Protection Divana - Yes, she is really the Goddess of Protection. Just that, recently a Spirit Master is challenging her.

      God of Justice Velrooks - Overall skill kits are great, just that the active skill sequence should be changed to Active > Auto 1 > Auto 2 or Auto 1 > Active > Auto 2. His Auto 1 should have some debuff or additional effects such as cluster or hitting more enemies too. These changes would be competitive with other similar class Nat5, especially to compare the God with the Pirates and Chef.

      God of Shadow Sha'rade - Active skill and first auto is fine as it is, just that active skill sequence should be changed to Auto 1 > Active > Auto 2. His Auto 2 is seriously one of the worst auto skills among the Nat5 and maybe even worst than some Nat4. His Auto 2 should at least be changed into some skills that could assassinate heroes in the back lines from the Shadow. His Passive 1 currently does not allow him to live up to his title as God of Shadow and should be changed to a passive that could convert his EVA points to other stats such as HP, ATK, or AS points or convert his other stats into EVA. His Passive 2, the 8% ATK reduction to enemies may not have much effect and shall be increased to around 15% since as the God of Shadow that is emitting darkness, his existence shall be weakening the enemies and giving a proper threat. Currently, his existence in a team is inviting more people to target in arena. Again, these changes should be competitive with other similar class Nat5, especially to compare the God with the Pirates and Chef.

      Goddess of Pain Nia - She does not give pain to her enemies as the Goddess of Pain. Her active skill is great but she show off her animation in slow motion. Her active skill sequence should be changed to Auto 2 > Active > Auto 1. Her Auto 1 and Auto 2 should be hitting all enemies and adding one of the bleed/poison/continuous damage effect but her skill multiplier can be reduced to around 200% to 250% as the idea of her auto skills are to inflict debuff so that the enemies will feel more pain when getting hit. Her passive skills are not great, but if her active and auto skills are buffed, her passive skills are fine as it is. However, the 10% Vampire effect on Passive 2 could be to little. Once again, these changes should be competitive with other similar class Nat5, especially to compare the Goddess with the Heartbroken boy and Guardian.


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        Their are numerous units that I could mention, but I'll start with the most important change I think should be made.

        All mages. All of them need a little more health, and/or a little more physical defense. More and more physical units have been given abilities, or had them changed to being able to target the back line, bring them to the front, or just outright hit everybody. Being on the back line isn't very good protection anymore like it seemed to be early in the game.

        Divana- Yes, she is pretty good (and she should be, as should all the god characters as Heviane mentioned). Her title is Goddess of protection, so the first and biggest change I would make to her is her auto 1 would no longer buff attack power, but would provide inability effect immunity (basically same as Zemer.) This change I think would be great for the simple fact it would allow other tanks to get wider use since Zemer (or Atmos) wouldn't basically be a must use in arena. It indirectly buffs all other tanks to relevance. Second change would be the Fira treatment with her buff, and add a small heal (health % based, to keep with her 2nd auto skill theme) to her active skill, or add debuff removal to her auto 2 and slightly lower its cooldown.

        Nia- My first nat 5, and only one for a long time. I do love her, but as others have stated the biggest and best change that could come to her is speeding up her animation. Just look at what that did for both Velrooks and Serena (Serena went from decent to really good with that single change.)

        Ian, Claire, Leo, Lilly, Hellen- The main story characters. This one would take quite a bit more, but I would love some form of advancement (beyond transcending/awakening) even if it was difficult or time consuming to gather materials needed to boost these characters in a way that changes them. Changes their skills/adds new ones (while keeping the theme) but puts them on par with nat 4's at least, or possibly even nat 5's. Maybe even updates their appearance. I'd just love to see the comic strip characters come into relevance. (I would love this for Igra since she is one of my personal favorites, but could go without just because she isn't one of the main story/comic characters.)
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          All good comments guys, keep them coming.

          Totally agree on the Divana, I think they should undo the nerf they did to her and put back the healing at 30% on active and reduce the auto back to 12 turn like it was before. Kadus has completely overshadowed her and he has 2 healing.

          Also agree on mages, you need to them for Havok, but then they get creamed because of bad HP. Same goes for Arena, unless they one shot the other team, they die in one second. A good trade off maybe would be to reduce their mag attack a little in favor of hp.


          • Rhaeqo
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            Okay, I've now had enough arena experience with Ereth to weigh in on your earlier input about him.

            He is able to one-shot a fully transcended backline hero even with Prospera's Leader Skill. How that's not broken I'll never know.

            To top it off, he can blink and evade literally everything for a very long period so countering him is not even possible at that point.

            I fully, FULLY support a nerf for that particular skill because at least immunity shields that make heroes impervious to everything can be removed, but right now it's basically like Ereth gains an immunity shield that can't be removed when he's blinking since he can't be touched by anything. Who needs nat5s when you have Akurel and Ereth honestly? If I'd known Ereth was this broken I'd have exploited him a long time ago lol
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