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Nerfed rune drops in B10

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  • Nerfed rune drops in B10

    Dear Com2Us comunity team, could you please check with the dev team if the atrocious 5* and 6* rune drop chance in B10 is intended? I understand that there are new difficulty levels for the raids but the B10~11 are currently dropping 4* runes and very rarely 5* runes. After 1500 keys I've gotten three 5* runes. This is a huge nerf in droprate that hurts progression. Scenarios drop 4* runes, why do I need to run a hard-to-farm lvl 10 to get the same quality of runes? And B12~13 are extremely difficult unless you have top tier runes with top tier heroes which you cannot get by farming the lower levels, how will we progress?

    Please forward this concern to the dev team, I do understand that the higher difficulty dungeons are meant to be a challenge, but I don't see how a low level account can catch up with the veterans, and as you may know, we desperately need a new influx of players.

    Appreciate your help.

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    I agree with this post. The rewards should match the effort players put in to reach the highest raid levels.


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      Hello? Anyone out there? Can we get a confirmation if this is working as intended please?


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        Sorry for the late response, I will send your suggestion to our devs today


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          Not a problem! Thank you for your response!


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            Pardon, has there been any development on this? I've been hesitant of dropping some cash on the packages, seeing as its going to get more difficult to progress with the current state of the raid drops. Would appreciate any comments. Thanks and happy holidays!


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              If they did I believe it was in an effort to frustrate players into believing they need to buy the various packages to enhance their units. Now a lot of my F2P guild mates are talking about quitting because they can't keep up. Can't understand why they would do this with runes and philosophers stones when Light is struggling to maintain a small population already...

              P2W buys their way to the top, eliminates any chance of a F2P being able to compete, F2P players give up and quit the game, P2W players then have such a small population they're bored and find another game. Seen it happen one too many times.

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            Any news about this?


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              Currently, devs are still discussing about this issue so I cannot give you the solid answer at this point. I will update on this whenever I receive a news about this.


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                What they want to discuss?

                Give F2P a chance to progress. Making a "paying wall" at some point in the game will sure make the game fail in "short time"!


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                  I was making decent progression until this nerf. Now I am stuck at farming b10 and b11 for hours on end. Three weeks now, and I havn't made any progression at all. This is sad and pathetic. Why would I keep playing a game I can't get any further in.