Light will be updated to v2.2.1.

Please read below for more info.

▶ Update Schedule

Oct. 10th 11pm - Oct. 11th 12am PDT/ Oct. 11th 2am - 3am EDT

Oct. 10th 11pm - Oct. 11th 12am PDT/ Oct. 11th 2am - 4am EDT​

* Please update your game to the latest version since versions below v2.2.0 will be blocked after the update.

* The update schedule may change and the game will be temporarily unavailable during the update, so please check the update schedule to avoid any inconveniences.

* All new content will be applied after the maintenance.

[Update Details]

▶ MAX Rune Power-up Level Expansion

- You can now power-up Runes to Lv. 20.

- The power-up method is the same as before.

▶ New Legendary Accessory Scroll

- New [Legendary Accessory Scrolls] from which you can acquire 4★+ accessories have been added.

- Legendary Accessory Scrolls are available at the Random Shop.

▶ Random Shop Item Renewal

- The drop rate of [Premium Hero Scrolls, Premium Accessory Scrolls and Philosopher's Stones] has been greatly increased.