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  • May Developer's Note

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    There will be a major Hero balancing adjustment in the upcoming May update.

    Please read below for brief info about the adjustment and other update details!

    *Please note that the content discussed in this developer’s note may change before the actual update.


    Developer’s Note- May

    [3rd Level Hero Transcendence System]

    Hero Transcendence System will be upgraded from 2nd level to 3rd level.

    You’ll be able to Transcend a Hero same as before and the Hero’s MAX Level will be increased up to Lv. 66 at 3rd level Transcendence.

    Additionally, 3rd level Transcendence Skills have been added and will be focused on defense rather than offense as the 1st and 2nd level of Transcendence Skills are, in order to balance out offense and defense.

    [A Default 5★ Hero Balancing Adjustment]

    We’ve been monitoring the opinions sent by the users about the balancing for some time.

    Certain Heroes were too efficient up to the point of being uncounterable and some Heroes were too inefficient so users would hesitate in using them.

    Especially, Magic Class Heroes showed comparatively lower Skill Damage and HP compared to Ranged/Melee Class Heroes, making it difficult to use in battle.

    Therefore, we’ve made balancing adjustments to decrease the gap and so that users can use various heroes. To do this we will be increasing the effect and chances of skills, changing the usage order, quickening the skill motion, etc. The balancing will especially focus on inefficient 5★ Heroes,

    Currently, the final balancing adjustment is in progress and there will not be any additional changes made to decrease the efficiency of highly efficient default 5★ Heroes.

    We’ll put up detailed info along with an update.

    [New Skills]

    Along with the balancing adjustments, we will be adding skills that can be used to counter high efficiency Heroes and skills that can increase the efficiency of Magic Class Heroes..


    Please note that the content above is tentative and may change before the actual update.

    We'll put up another notice with a more detailed schedule in the near future. Thank you!​

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    DISCLAIMER: I am not the moderator and I just copy and paste the note since Com2uS_CollagenPower seems becoming inactive. I stole his avatar pic only for fun, lol.


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      Hahaha u almost got me there. They should hire u to replace heir useless mods.

      looking forward to the details of the update.


      • Zeta2c
        Zeta2c commented
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        Just want to bring some discussion to this forum about the long-awaited hero balance patch.

        Here is my opinion.
        1.Zenon is still the best DPS in arena. I heard someone said Lizzy > Zenon and I hope he could realize this.
        2.Blith will be so annoying in minor. MaxHP% recovery in auto, passive, trans skill. And 3rd trans skill will give him 25% recovery boost.
        3.I bet they will give that block beneficial removal effect to Divana's shield XD

      • Soulessz
        Soulessz commented
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        theres already a few counters to divana shield so I hope they leave that alone.

        With the Zenon going transcension 3, plus the caster fixes they want to implement. he will be the absolute god, period. Pair with styxx, Insta win, period.

        Looking at the notes. I think we can expect some changes for sharade, Nia And velrooks.
        Last edited by Soulessz; 05-18-2017, 10:17 PM.

      • Zeta2c
        Zeta2c commented
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        In my server ppl start wearing runes with atkspd stats, the current arena is like if your zenon cast active first then you win and you don't even need styx to strip. Zenon >> runes in the current meta.
        And for Divana, she looks weak recently especially after styx launched. the biggest problem for her is that she cast active skill last and the animation is way too long.

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      Hmmmm they seem to have taken down this developers note on the events section ingame... they changed their mind?!?


      • Zeta2c
        Zeta2c commented
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        No update coming yet...guess there is no update in May...

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      Good job,zeta

      This is sooooo helpful since they removed the dev notes on withhive


      • Zeta2c
        Zeta2c commented
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        Still no update today...sigh...

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      where is May's update?
      where is the offiial staff?


      • Zeta2c
        Zeta2c commented
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        1. they only update the game on Thursday, and next Thursday is 1st June. So probably no major update in May.
        2. idk lol. There is still someone taking care of their facebook page but not here since May.