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4/19th Update

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  • 4/19th Update

    Light: Fellowship of Loux Apr. 19th Update Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Light will be updated to v2.0.7 on Apr. 19th.

    Please read below for more info.

    Update Schedule

    Apr. 19th 11pm - Apr. 20th 12am PDT/Apr. 20th 2am - 3am EDT

    * Please update your game to the latest version since versions below v2.0.6 will be blocked after the update.

    * The game may be temporarily unavailable during the update, so please check the update schedule to avoid any inconveniences.

    * The update schedule may change and we'll put up another notice if the schedule changes.​

    [Update Details]

    ▼​ New Hero

    - New heroes will be added.

    - New heroes will be available via Premium Hero/Special Hero/Legendary Hero Scroll Pieces.

    - New heroes will be available to summon after the update.

    ▼​ Transcendence Skill

    - The Transcendence Skill of Magic Class will be modified as below.

    ▼​ World Team Arena Test Service

    - The World Team Arena Test Service where users can fight against each other to find out the best player and best server has been opened.

    - Users within Top 200 rankings in the Team Arena of each server will be able to enter the battle as a team in World Team Arena. (The rankings will be based on the previous week’s rankings in Team Arena.)

    - Users can enter the battle with World Team Arena Tickets. 10 tickets will be given every day and another 10 tickets can be purchased additionally.

    - The battle will end at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT every Tuesday and weekly rewards will be given according to the rankings and grades of the arena results.

    - An event to celebrate the opening of the World Team Arena Test Service will be held. Please check the url below for more info.

    *Please note that the World Team Arena is only a test service and its battle process may change upon the data and opinions collected from the users during the test service when it becomes an official service.

    *A temporary maintenance in World Team Arena may occur during the test service.

    ▼​ Team Arena

    - Daily entries in Team Arena will be increased from 5 entries to 10 entries.

    - Additional entries that are available for purchase will be increased from 5 entries to 10 entries.

    ▼​ Auto Battle

    - A pop-up that shows the reward you’ve acquired during the Auto Battle will appear when the Auto Battle ends.

    ▼​ Shop

    - A shop where you can purchase items has been improved.

    - A new category has been created according to the type of items and items have been categorized accordingly.

    - A new Special Shop where users can purchase items with points earned from the Arena, Raid, and Guild has been added at the Lobby.

    ▼​ Items

    - Items will be modified as below:

    ※Users who had purchased Monthly Special Pack/Monthly Special Pack II after Apr. 1st will receive partial number of items. Items will be sent to the Inbox after the update by the increased amount.

    - A new item will be added as below:

    ※This item can only be purchased once per month and you can purchase only 1 out of 2.

    ▼​ Etc.

    - The list of Heroes available from the Special Hero Scroll will be renewed

    (Thetis, Glen, Ramia, Peko, Vern, Mumu, Turan, Shaina, Nina, Cecile, Lamus Archer, and Evil Ghost Priest).

    - A temporary freezing error in Rune recommendation pop-up when you play in Auto Battle will be resolved.

    - An error where the team formation of Team 2 and 3 of the Attack team being dismissed in the Team Arena from time to time will be resolved.

    - An error of the leader skills being dismissed when you change the order of the teams in the Team Arena will be resolved.​

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    can't believe you guys really change the trans skill in this way....sigh


    • Zeta2c
      Zeta2c commented
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      sensitive? this really make me laugh actually. you better use this word to describe your friend in that post lol.

    • Acronen
      Acronen commented
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      I agree with Mr. Sensitive on this. Really disappointed this change went through.

    • Zeta2c
      Zeta2c commented
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      rofl why you tell us you are agree with yourself?

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    - A new Special Shop where users can purchase items with points earned from the Arena, Raid, and Guild has been added at the Lobby.

    For a moment I thought, there would be better purchase options for the thousands of raid coins that sit in my inventory. But you just added a new shop button.

    And I have to admit, I missed the discussion where players ask if you could add more daily entries for the team arena ... maybe no one did?


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      So, let's see.
      I do like they two new heroes, their skills seems well suited to their roles and they are fairly unique. Each hero has a pretty decent look as well.

      The new shop is just more clutter on my screen so I do not like this. The changes to the packs and additional two packs are useless b/c they cost way to much money in the first place so no interest in purchasing them.

      The Team arena tickets and new World Team arena are the worst part of this update since they further increased the availability of these awful RNG Transcendence Skills. The Arena is no fun to play in any form because the battles are based ONLY on Transcendence Skills.

      Overall this update was like waking up to a camera flash and realizing that some dudes balls are in your mouth.


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        Also , what are we supposed to do with extra team arena pieces? peishan and misty? no thanx


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            • Soulessz
              Soulessz commented
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              erm... your point being?