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1/11th New Update

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  • 1/11th New Update

    Hello Heroes!

    We are going to have a maintenance for our new update tonight!
    Please check out the detail

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    Zenon, 100% chance to stun on crit is going to make him a nightmare if he's built fast... unless you have Atmos, of course, your other tanks may never get to move!


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      What did you do with the autobattle functionality in the new update?
      My whole team is just standing and doing nothing when I gain 1-2 or even 3 full energy dots on arena.When a character selected to attack first is stunned/silenced - second selected character doesn't use his skill when the energy is full - autobattle is waiting for stun/silenece timeout on the first number to pass.Because of this nonsence I can't defeat a team even twice weaker than mine.
      Please fix this bug


      • Com2uS_CollagenPower
        Editing a comment
        For now, please contact our support team regarding this. I will check with devs also