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[Notice] Changes to the Secret Merchant and Compensation (x3 Hot Time)

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  • [Notice] Changes to the Secret Merchant and Compensation (x3 Hot Time)

    We would like to notify you that there has been some changes to the Secret Merchant.

    The changes made will be applied starting on Sep. 29th. Please refer to the following for more information.

    [Changed Appearances of the Secret Merchant]

    > The Secret Merchant will appear once a day during the Happy Hour Event.

    Happy Hour Event Schedule
    - Korea/Asia/China Server: 5am - 7am PDT (2h)
    - Global Server: 12pm - 2pm PDT (2h)

    > Location of the Secret Merchant:
    - Tap the "<" button on right side of the main menu and you will be able to see the Secret Merchant.
    - When it is time for the Secret Merchant to appear, there will be a sign with the letter "N".

    > Changes
    - (Previously) Items can be purchased with both Gems and Gold.
    - (Changed to) Items can only be purchased with Gold.

    ※ Compensation for the late notice ※
    > The Tripled Hot Time event that is being held during the first week of Oct, will be available for one additional day.
    - Schedule: Oct.1st (Additional) + Oct.2nd - Oct. 4th (Total of 4 days)

    Thank you!

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    Great stuff! Thank you!