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  • Balancing

    I guess you might say it's a question. I wanted to know the reasoning behind nerfing Hwaryong. To be specific, the queen version. I believe the %50 chance RNG to ignore defence wasn't there before..?(I'm super iffy on that) I know the sacrificial hp was added to some directions. Cause there's a Lubu out there with 4-hit penetrate defense without RNG or sacrificial hp...
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    Hello TopRanker,

    We can't answer on behalf of the developers their reasoning for balancing. We can try to bring it up to them but I cannot guarantee there will be a response.
    As far as I can look back, Queen Hwaryong has always had 50% chance on her 2nd skill.

    If you have actual suggestions on what changes you'd like to see (to Hwaryong, or Lu Bu, and which directions), feel free to write them out.



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      The suggestion I have to make is to have something done to rook Lubu's s3 because it's literally too strong of a skill. I could probably take down any monster in pvp guaranteed. Secondly, the sacrificial HP doesn't make any sense to me at all on Hwaryong. If a unit has the capability to nuke anything, even a 35k HP unit without any set backs, why is there extra punishment on a unit that can't half the time?