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Improving PVP - figting your own defense

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  • Improving PVP - figting your own defense

    The PVP in Chain Strike is really an unpolished gem, it has sooo much potential with just a few tweaks from the dev team you could accomplish something awesome.

    - Live arena - when this will be successfully implemented it will be huge! fighting adversaries in real time is soooo damn cool.
    Ps: any news regarding live arena? Is it still planned to be implemented?

    - Current PVP improvements: Currently the PVP means fighting in promotion battle versus AI controlled defenses.

    The main thing to improve here is to give players a chance to test their own defenses.
    Please add the option to test defense so players will fight their own defense in order to figure out how the AI is currently working and how could they improve their defense team.

    -Also please improve the 'History' screen, allow it to provide more detailed information about the fights.
    Currently it only say Win/Lose and shows the attacking team guardians.

    Please improve the details provided here, for example statistics about
    damage dealt,
    total heal,
    buffs / debuffs casted,
    total damage taken,
    which of the attacking guardians died,
    turn in which every guardian died, etc

    Improving the details in the 'history' screen together with the option to test your own defense will add A LOT of depth and strategical feeling to this game.

    Best regards,