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Guild Contents and Events to keep game hot.

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  • Guild Contents and Events to keep game hot.

    We need more guild content please. We also need events. I mean actual events... not daily login events... not "spot the difference" events..
    not share or liking event.. actual game content event.

    I didnt know what I had been missing on SW until I left and played other games... game events are fun and entertaining and keeps me around longer.

    I love this game and I desire longevity. Please add events.

    Also, guild content? Guild Logo please to make everyone aware of the guilds?
    We have this in SW... player icons should display guild logo.

    We need to have guild contributions, and spend it on something. Like guild treasures.. or guild dungeons.. or guild skills.. or guild nexus... or anything!!
    We need to have more point and value to being in a guild other than "daily checkin for shoes".

    I am a guild master of a guild that was born all the way from Summoners War in 2014.
    If you see my account, I am already veteran of this forum, 4 years ago.
    I am passionate about leading a guild and really hope we get a good guild content soon.