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Meet your Community Managers!

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  • Meet your Community Managers!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2018.4.27_EE_Community_v2.png Views:	1 Size:	765.9 KB ID:	1780386

    Hello, everyone!
    We’d like to introduce our community managers for Chain Strike! Let’s get to know them~

    Nyan: Hello, I’m Com2uS_Nyan!
    Zubz: And I’m Com2uS_Zubz!

    What do you do as Community Managers?

    N: As community managers (CMs), our job is make sure that there is communication between the developers and the community. This goes both ways. We make sure that feedback, suggestions, and bug reports from the players reach the developers. At the same time, we also make sure what the developers want to convey about the game is communicated properly to the players.

    Z: What Nyan said. ^^

    What do you like most about Chain Strike?

    N: I think it’s refreshing to see that even 3* guardians can be used for end game content. I was really proud to make that Lieutenant Chicken post on Easter - he actually does a lot of damage, but most people aren’t at the stage to try things like that out. I’m hoping to see more hidden gem discoveries from the community.

    Z: I really like how strategic and competitive Chain Strike is. I can already see the amount of potential Chain Strike has in regards to a competitive scene. I also love how flashy and satisfying performing a chain strike is. It just makes you feel so powerful!

    Who is your favorite Guardian?

    N: In terms of performance, my favorite Guardian is actually Carly. I have the Bishop one, but during the Closed Beta Test I ran Queen Carly and Knight Azurok - that did so much damage, haha. I just find all of her skills working so well, and it makes her a strong guardian in return.
    Visually is another story though! My favorite guardian looks-wise is Awakened Johannes.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1.jpg Views:	2 Size:	165.7 KB ID:	1780390

    Z: Honestly, Anonymous has a special place in my heart. Not only was he my first 4* Guardian, but his kit is insane too. All his attacks crit for so much and crit so often. There’s no better feeling for me than to land high damaging critical attacks. Not only is he powerful, but he looks awesome as well! When you awaken him, his skin turns all red and he just looks like someone you don’t want to mess with.

    Can you show us your lobby?

    I just like having cute characters greet me. ^^

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	183.5 KB ID:	1780388

    Z: Here you go.
    I like having my strongest and coolest looking guardians in my lobby. That way, when people come to visit, they know that I’m for real.

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    Now show us your Guardians!

    N: My pride and joy right now is my Grion, who I am very happy with. He does a lot of damage and brings utility with all of his skills.
    The other guardians of note is my Queen Seimei and Knight Mountain Spirit. I actually got both of these units through a single book. Seimei was from the 1-5 Chapter Clear reward, and Mountain Spirit was from a free daily summon!
    (My luck from packs is another story. ;-
    Overall, my usual team is not so high in damage, but focuses more on heals, staying free of weakening effects, and outlasting the enemy.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	4.jpg Views:	1 Size:	250.5 KB ID:	1780394

    Z: Here they all are. It seems pretty lacking, but really they’re all quite powerful. I’m most proud of my Valkyrja. I put so much effort into making her and she’s pretty great!
    And of course I have an Awakened Anonymous. He’s just so~ good! You can't see it, but I have a lot of nat 3* guardians. Yeah I’m kinda unlucky with my pulls, but I feel like its a blessing in disguise. Many of the nat 3* guardians are actually very powerful. Plus they’re easier to max out! You gotta be happy with what you get, you know?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	5.jpg Views:	1 Size:	247.5 KB ID:	1780393

    What is your progress like in terms of clearing content?

    N: I’m currently still working on getting all S-rank and I’m on the last chapter.
    For Unknown Land, I can auto all of Unknown Land. For Mysterious Sanctuary I can auto 6F, 6F, and 5F for Apollon/Kraken/Hydra, respectively. My highest floor clear in Forgotten Tower has been 45F. The highest I’ve reached in Promotion Battle is Silver 1.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	6.jpg Views:	1 Size:	101.0 KB ID:	1780392

    Z: Took a while for me, but I finally finished all of the Normal, and Hard Stages with S rank and am working on finishing Hell Chapter 8 with S rank. I can easily auto through Hell 6-9. As for Unknown Land, I’ve cleared all of the dungeons at 5F, but I can’t auto through any of them on 5F. In Mysterious Sanctuary, I’ve cleared up to 7F on Shrine of Light and Ruins of Chaos, but I can’t seem to beat Sanctum of Darkness 5F. I’ve reached Forgotten Tower 43F on Normal so far, but barely reached 19F on Hard. Lastly, the highest rank I’ve reached in Promotion battle was Silver 1.

    What do you want to say to the Chain Strike community?

    N: I know this game is new, but I am very excited for it and its potential. I really look forward in seeing how the game grows, and I hope the community is as well!

    Z: I hope you’re all having fun playing Chain Strike and I can’t wait to see what this community can do. I’ve already noticed many of you working hard on creating a “Tier List” and trying to set up tournaments and it makes me happy to see you all working together to get things done.


    That’s all the time we have for now. If you have a question or would like to chat with your community managers some more?


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      Welcome Zubz

      Looking forward to having you as one of our community managers. There a lot more active players / discussion over on reddit and the discord channel. Hope to see you there.


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        Thank you for the warm welcoming TimaeuSS.
        I'll definitely check out the Reddit and Discord channel.

        I hope to see more of our community!