Greetings from Com2uS!

Check in every day, complete missions and claim summer special rewards!

Go on a trip to Marie's beach!

Please read below for more info.

※ You can participate in the event by going to the event page in the game.

[Marie's Beach Trip Event]
■ Event Schedule

- Jul. 10th 7pm - Jul. 30th 7pm PDT

■ Event Details
Event 1. Summer special rewards every day!

▶ Check in every day, complete missions and get special rewards!

[Event Reward]
- Check in every day: 50 Shoes
- Clear Today's Mission: Book of Mystical Dimension x1 + EXP Potion (High) x3

※ You will be automatically checked in when you visit the event page every day based on the server time.
※ Missions change every day. Make sure to claim the reward of the day as it disappears on the following day.

Event 2. Visit Marie's Beach!
▶ Sun Pieces will be given every time you clear a dungeon/Adventure stage of any difficulty!

Complete Marie's Beach with Sun Pieces and claim rewards!

★You can earn Sun Pieces by clearing the Adventure stages or the following dungeons.

* Where to earn: Adventure, Unknown Land, Land of Legends, Mysterious Sanctuary (High dungeons excluded), Hall of Judgment, Event Dungeon

※ If you use Exploration, results will be reflected after the Exploration is finished.

[Beach Decoration Rewards]
300 Sun Pieces

3★ Flora x2
EXP Potion (Mid) x10
50,000 Gold
400 Sun Pieces

4★ Flora x2
EXP Potion (High) x10
50 Evolution Stones
500 Sun Pieces

5 Books of Mystical Dimension
100,000 Gold
50 Moonstones
600 Sun Pieces

1 Skill Book
100 Dimension Crystals
700 Sun Pieces

5★ Guaranteed Book of Dimension x1
5★ Flora x1

Event 3. Give away remaining Sun Pieces!

▶ Give leftover Sun Pieces to Whaleling to get either 100 Shoes or 50,000 Gold!​