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[Three 5★ Guardians] Limited Time Event Summon Open Notice

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  • [Three 5★ Guardians] Limited Time Event Summon Open Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    We'd like to inform you about the new [Event Summon] where you can acquire one of the designated Guardians when you successfully summon a 5★!

    Please read below for more info on the update.

    [Three 5★ Guardians Limited Time Event Summon Open Notice]

    > Event: After v1.3.8 update - Jul. 7th 11:59pm
    * The event will be held based on the server time.

    > Target 5★ Guardians

    - 5★ Tahn/ 5★ Haggy/ 5★ Nemesis
    * You can summon one of the three Guardians above with a 100% chance when you summon a 5★ Guardian through the event summon.

    > Event Details

    - New [Event Summon] category will be added to the [Summon] Menu.

    - 499 Moonstones will be consumed to perform the [Event Summon] 1 time and you can perform 7 consecutive summonings.

    - You'll earn 10 Summon Points per [Event Summon] you perform.

    > Please Note
    - The 5★ guaranteed summon event will only be applied when you summon Guardians via [Event Summon].​