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Shooting Stars in the Night Sky! Discover Your Destiny Event

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  • Shooting Stars in the Night Sky! Discover Your Destiny Event

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Discover special destiny hidden in beautiful shooting stars in the night sky!

    Please read below to find out more about the event.

    * Please login to the game and go to the event page to participate in this event.

    [Shooting Stars in the Night Sky! Discover Your Destiny Event]

    > Event: Jun. 20th 7pm - Jul. 10th 7pm PDT

    > Event Details:

    1. Collect Shooting Star Cards!

    - Clear missions every day to collect Shooting Star Cards.

    You can discover your Destiny with Shooting Star Cards you acquire.

    <Shooting Star Card Missions and Rewards>

    - Daily check-in: 1 Card

    - Enter Adventure 20 times: 1 Card

    - Clear Unknown Land 20 times: 1 Card

    - Clear Mysterious Sanctuary 20 times: 1 Card

    - Enter Promotion Battle (Battle Mode) 5 times: 1 Card

    ※ You can acquire up to 10 Shooting Star Cards every day.

    ※ You will be automatically checked in when you visit the event page every day based on the server time.

    ※ If you use Exploration, the mission will count only when the Exploration is finished.

    2. Discover Your Destiny!

    1 Shooting Star Card is required to discover 1 Destiny.

    Rewards will be sent according to the color of the Destiny you discover!

    <Rewards per Destiny Color>

    Yellow: 10,000 Gold

    Blue: 20 Shoes

    Green: 1 Book of Mystical Dimension

    Pink: 3 EXP Potions (High)

    ※ Destiny record will reset at every midnight based on the server time.

    ※ Destiny Rewards will be sent to the Inbox immediately.

    ※ The color and location of each Destiny changes every day.

    3. Get Bonus Rewards based on the no. of discovered Destiny!

    - You can earn special rewards depending on the number of discovered Destiny!

    <Rewards per Discovered Destiny>

    30 Destiny: 150 Shoes

    50 Destiny: 100,000 Gold

    80 Destiny: Book of Legendary Dimension x1

    100 Destiny: 80 Dimension Crystals

    120 Destiny: 3★ Awakened Flora x3

    140 Destiny: 4★ Awakened Flora x2

    170 Destiny: 5★ Guaranteed Book of Dimension x1

    ※ Please Read

    - The duration and remaining time for the event will be displayed in the time zone of the area that you reside in.

    - All event rewards will be sent to the Inbox.

    - You can only collect rewards for 24 hours after the event ends.

    - Unused Shooting Star Cards will expire once the event and the reward collection period end.

    - Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward at the Inbox.

    * For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting