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Legendary Guardian Event Summon

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  • Legendary Guardian Event Summon

    Hello Guardians!

    We'd like to inform you about the new acquisition rate up event where you can acquire the new Guardian, Habanerin, with a higher chance!
    Please read below for more info on the update.

    [Dimension Shift Acquisition Rate Up Event Notice]

    > Event: v1.3.3 Update - February 24th 11:59pm
    * The event will be held based on the server time.

    > Target Guardian
    - New Legendary Guardian Habanerin

    > Event Details
    - Your chances of acquiring Habanerin via Dimension Shift will be fixed to 50%. (Rates will not be adjusted.)
    - If you get a Legendary Guardian other than Habanerin, your acquisition rate will be adjusted within the remaining 50% chance.

    * Please note that the acquisition rate of previous Legendary Guardians before the event has been redistributed in accordance with the current rate being adjusted.