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[BUG] Artemis Rook: Wrong damage calculation in PvP

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  • [BUG] Artemis Rook: Wrong damage calculation in PvP

    Player Nickname: thanhizy
    Server: Asia

    I'm testing the Artemis Rook in PvP today and see the inflicted damage is not right. That one is lower than the previous version. Since the unit in PvP can't reach 100k HP right now, it should not affect the Art rook.
    I have recorded the video and build a calculation table for this case. I don't know the number referring to ATK and target max HP. So I consider that is 0 for easier math (of course the real damage will be higher).

    1. Artemis Rook stats:
    - ATK: 4472
    - Crit damage: 125%
    - Nexus: 10% ATK, 12% crit damage
    - HP: 17k

    2. Attack the enemy who has higher HP.
    3. Notice that the inflicted damage is not right.

    Fix the damage in PvP soon, please

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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ID:	1800895 ​​​​​​​

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    Sorry, I forgot split dmg per 4 hits.
    Just answer me this is a bug or not?


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      Hello thanhizynguyen,

      Based on the information that we know, your Rook Artemis is doing the correct amount of damage.
      Ignoring DEF, ATK, & HP of enemy for the calculation, your Artemis should be dealing 8,577 damage.
      Including the bonus damage from her ATK and the enemy's HP, it is raised to 8,834 damage.

      The "expected damage" you shared is generally the damage users deal to the Bosses with 100k+ HP.
      However, the enemy HP in this case is significantly lower compared to the Bosses.
      Therefore your Artemis will also be dealing significantly less damage.

      It seems to me that your expected damage is of a Total rather than for 1 hit as well.
      However, you can see from your video that only the first hit is applying "Ignore Defense".

      I hope this clears things up for you.

      If you have a video of your Rook Artemis with much higher damage from before the balance change, please do share with us.

      Thank you.