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[BUG] Mountain spirit bishop third skill duration of effect

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  • [BUG] Mountain spirit bishop third skill duration of effect

    Player nickname: anchoipro
    Server : Asia
    My bishop mountain spirit 's third skill " white tiger acension" only apply 2 turns of decrease attack& damage on the target, not 3 turns as described on the skill ( it's 6* & awakend)
    Solution : please make it 3 turns as in the description otherwise it's so weak compare to other nat5

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    Thank you for the report. I've confirmed this is the case and will be letting the developers know.


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      Player nickname : anchoipro
      Server : Asia
      Description :
      1- 2nd skill base cooldown is 4 turns which should be reduced to 3 turns at max level but mine is still 4 turns
      2- 3rd skill base effect duration is 2 turns, which should be 3 turns after 6* evolution but mine is still 2 turns. I'm sure this skill worked properly as in description back in March & April but after an update this happened.
      I 've aldready report this a long time ago but no response till now. I'm so disappointed


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        Hello, instead of making a new thread please just comment and update on the old one. We will try to bring it up again. Thank you.

        Merging with old thread.


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          bummed that there are no fixing this for upcoming patch =(


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            Yeah I also meet this issue, so sad when this one is not fixed on next upd
            - nickname: thanhizy
            - server: Asia


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              We have to wait too long but no information...